Photography & Illustration

You are welcome to undertake photography, filming and illustration in the Garden for private, non-commercial use. Please consider sharing your photos on-line with the Cambridge University Botanic Garden group on Flickr.

Permission to film professionally at the Garden is restricted to projects that have a direct link to the purposes and functions of the Botanic Garden. Permission to film professionally must be sought in advance.
Please ensure that in using any equipment including for art and illustration, you do not damage the plants or landscapes, disrupt any Garden activities, and do not adversely affect the enjoyment of the Garden by other visitors.

When the photography, filming or illustration is for any commercial purpose e.g. wedding or wedding related photography, a Permit is required in advance and a fee will be charged.

To apply for permits and consents, please contact us during Monday-Friday office hours (9am-1pm / 2-4.30pm) by telephone on 01223 336265, or by email at Please study the Photography Policy which is available to download from the link to the left before applying for a permit.