The Glasshouse RangeThe Glasshouse Range

The Glasshouse Range

The Glasshouse Range flanks the north side of the Main Lawn, and is full of year-round interest - from the daintiest alpine to exotic tropical climbers - and is a real refuge on a cold day. The Range has been transformed in the last five years through a major restoration and replanting programme that has seen the glasshouse plants, all requiring some protection from the Cambridge climate, re-presented to reveal the drama of plant diversity and explore how plants have evolved to survive in key environments such as icy mountains and oceanic islands, desert and jungle.
These environment-focused displays occupy a suite of houses connected by a corridor running the full 80 metre length of the Glasshouse Range. This is planted with tender, showy plants such as passionflowers, Bougainvillea, Hibiscus, orchids and bird-of-paradise plants in an enticing ornamental display.

We wish to acknowledge the major support of Donarbon Ltd, through Mondegreen Environmental, for the replanting programme and accompanying interpretation. Donarbon’s key support has been augmented by support from Cambridge City Council’s Sustainable City office and many private donations.