Science & Plants for Schools

Plant science is a rich and fast-moving subject, nowhere more so than at Cambridge, with the building of the new Sainsbury Laboratory. Science and Plants for Schools (SAPS) supports science teachers from primary through to secondary and FE colleges, nourishing the growth of a new generation of plant scientists and ensuring all young people understand the importance of plants to their world.
Innovative, successful practical experiments are at the heart of our work: we’ve helped bring key science topics into hundreds of classrooms with DNA extraction, cauliflower cloning, oxygen-bubbling pondweeds, and the now famous ‘algal balls’ photosynthesis experiment.

To ensure that plant science is properly represented within the science curriculum, we work closely with those developing courses and qualifications, particularly at GCSE and A level.

Our UK-wide SAPS Associates scheme brings together biology teachers and technicians with a particular interest in plant science, offering an insight into the latest research, supporting their professional development, sharing tips, and funding the development of innovative new resources.

We want young people to be excited by a career in plant sciences where they can make a real contribution to tomorrow’s world, whether it’s at the lab bench or in the field. Plant scientists work across the globe, from the new generations of biofuels growing in the fields of Brazil and here in Cambridge, to farming strategies informed by science helping grow better crops in Africa.

If you are a teacher, student or just have an interest in plant science education, find out more about SAPS by following the link to your left.