December 2010

A look back at December 2010 shows it continued the cold theme established at the end of November: there were 23 air frosts with several of them being very sharp. The 19th was the coldest at -10.9°C followed by the 20th with -9.6°C, the 21st with -8.0°C and on the 27th -7.7°C. We have to go back to December 1981 to find a colder December night. The grass minimum also reflected the air with 26 days below freezing. The 20th saw -14.6°C and there were several more very low temperatures on the ground during the month. The max temperatures were also on the low side with 4 days when the maximum failed to get above freezing with the coldest day being -2.5°C on the 20th.
It was a dry month with only 22.7mm and a percentage of this fell as snow. Snow fell on seven days with the 18th seeing 4cm of snow covering the Garden, and with the very cold and frozen ground it remained about for a while, only melting away when 4.5mm of rain combined with a maximum of 4.0°C on the 26th saw the thaw get under way.