October 2011

For much of the month, October 2011 felt more like summer than autumn. The first three days of the month were exceptionally warm, the warmest being 1/10/11 when 29.1°C was reached, and even the last day of the month saw the temperature climb to 17.8°C. There was a cooler period mid month, and only 12.9 was recorded on the 19th.
It was another very dry month with only 16.9mm of rain, and most of this fell in insignificant amounts so the grass looked brown in places and the ground was dry to quite a significant depth - not great for the autumn planting programme. Total rainfall for the year so far is just 303.3mm, significantly below average.

There was not quite an air frost on the night of 20th, since insulating cloud increased, but the grass min was -3.2°C.