February 2012

What a month February 2012 has turned out to be! Up until St Valentine's Day, winter was in control with 14 centimetres of snow falling on the evening of the 4th followed by another 3cm on the 9th and all of this settling very readily. There were two very sharp frosts on the 12th and 13th, the air temp dropping to -13.6c overnight on the 12th, which really clobbered the Winter Garden Daphnes, then in full flower. After the 15th, the thaw set in and a succession of weak fronts crossed us and there was a very mild day on the 23rd when 17.4c was reached.
Rainfall/snowfall wise there was 20.8mm which, although quite a reasonable fall over this area during this month (with several places receiving considerably less), the total precipitation is still below average. This means that the winter rainfall for 2011/2012 remains below average.