April 2012

Well the rain arrived in the end! April had started off with more miss than hit in Cambridge with only 21.6mm in scattered showers up until the 20th. As farmers say, there were a lot of wet days with no rain, but then it changed. We started to catch some heavy rain - there were five days with hail and three with thunder. There were also several areas of heavy rain which crossed us as they moved north from the Continent and some of this rain was of a thundery nature so all this has contributed to a very wet month for us with 102.2mm being recorded - that's more than 100 ml more than we received in April 2011.
Some of the higher falls are: 28th April (to 10.00am 29th) 23.8mm recorded, 27th April (to 10.00am 28th) 14.4mm, 30th April (to 10.00am 1st may) 11.5mm, and 25th April (to 10.00am 26th) 9.5mm This is a lot for April and a look back shows that the last April to have had over 100mm was in 1998 with 107.9mm.

The temperatures in April were lower than in March on several fronts, the lowest air min was -3.5°C (-1.3°C in March) max was 19.0°C (21.3°C in March) and the mean max was about 0.8°C below that for March.