July 2012

July was another unsettled month with showers and some prolonged spells of rain. On 14th July, one of these produced 28.0mm making this the wettest 24hrs this year so far. The total for the month was 130.3mm. A quick look back suggests this was the fifth wettest month since 1984 and we have had three months this year so far with over 100mm(in the last 7 months). In 1998 we also had 3 months with over 100mm but they were distributed across the whole year.
Temperature wise, we saw our warmest day of the year so far with 28.8c being reached on the 24th. This was during a settled week that saw mostly sunny conditions from the 21/7/12 to 28/7/12. There were a couple of cool nights during the month with 2.5c on the grass on the 30th and some heavy dews for the time of year.