January 2013

The year started on a relatively mild note and also ended quite mild with 14.5°C on the 29th. However, these mild periods sandwiched a wintry spell which started on the 13th and lasted until the 25th. There were 16 air frosts during the month with some of these being sharp and we saw the temperature plummet to -8.6°C on the 22nd. There were 21 ground frosts. There was one day when the max remained below freezing, only reaching -1.7°C on the 16th.
A snow cat took up residence in the new PinetumA snow cat took up residence in the new Pinetum
Two of these frosts were accompanied by some moist and foggy conditions so provided us with a couple of spectacular hoar frosts which saw all the trees and shrubs coated in a significant amount of rime. There were a number of light falls of snow and a more significant fall on the 20/1/13 when a persistent snowfall lasting several hours steadily accumulated on frozen ground to a depth of 9cm. With no wind, the snow stuck very readily to things. There was a total of 13 days with snow on the ground in the Garden. Rainfall was below average and totalled 38.7mm.