March 2013

What a contrast March 2013 is to last year's! This month has turned out to be the coldest in a lot of places since 1962. With high pressure becoming firmly established to the north-east of us, a cold flow of air arrived from the 10th onwards and is not showing any signs of moving on soon.
There were only five days when the maximum temperature reached double figures, (the mildest was on the 6th with 15.8°C). On the 24th and 25th, the high reached only 1.5°C. There were 17 air frosts with
-3.6°C on the 3rd and 31st and a -8.5°C on the grass on the 31st.

There were nine snow days, mostly light flurries but 4cm accumulated on the night of the 23rd. Rainfall wise most of the precipitation was snowfall and totalled 37.6mm.