September 2013

September was, overall, a rather dry month, with a prolonged dry start and finish. Rainfall totalled out at 40.1 mm, most of that falling on one night, mid-month on the 14th, when we got 17.1 mm. This brings the year's total so far to 322.3 mm.
Temperatures have been averaging out at normal, but have contrasted greatly to last year, which showed September 2012 to be the coldest since 1994.

The hottest day was the 5th at 26.9ºC, and the temperature since has stayed in and around the 20 mark, our coolest maximum being just 13.7 ºC.
Our lowest minimum temperature has been 4.1ºC on the 15th.

Also on the 15th, we had our lowest grass temperature at 0.8 ºC, but that number has since risen back up and has averaged out at 6.9ºC.