October 2013

We began October mild and dry but there followed a turbulent month of weather indeed! Here is a brief overlook at the wonders the climate has thrown us last month.
A maximum of 21.2ºC was reached on both the 5th and the 9th of October, and there was no rain from the 5th to the 10th. Overall we have had a milder month than normal, our average maximum at 16.8ºC, in sharp contrast to last years 14.0 ºC.

The first ground frost arrived late into the month on the 30th, giving us a grass reading of -1.6ºC, while last year, the ground frosts were scattered throughout the month with 10 in total and one air frost recorded.

Despite the drier start to the month, October proved to be a pretty wet one, balancing out the dry September we had. Two days gave us readings of over 15mm, our heaviest rainfall being on the 28th with 16.1mm. Our total amounted to a whopping 75.9mm (the average for the month being around 58mm), which was on a parr with last year's wetter than normal month. Over
all, we had 17 rainy days and 6 trace days.

We had several unusual and extreme weather occurrences: two foggy mornings on the 16th and 18th, a thunder and lightening storm on the 20th and of course a moderate gale (#ukstorm2013!) on the 28th. Fortunately there was little wind damage to the trees although it did bring the leaves off the trees prematurely, scuppering hopes of awesome autumn colour and the Garden did open late to ensure the safety of the visitors.

Our first proper wintery frosts should start to appear in November. Time to get the hot water bottle out!