November 2013

The garden has been leaf clearing, leaf clearing, leaf clearing as autumn slowly turns to winter.

The wind changed direction from the southwest to more northerly breezes between the 10th and the 17th, bringing with it the colder air, making the weather feel much cooler than it actually was. From then on, the wind steadied itself and blew persistently from the north or northwest.
Around this time we began to experience a persistence of light ground frosts with a few milder nights thrown in, breaking the frosts up. Our coldest and hardest frost was recorded on the 20th of the month, when the air reached -2.8 and the grass -7.7! Unfortunately we could not experience the full effect of this frost as it was quickly followed by a rain shower before sunrise.

The 20th was also our first day of wintry weather, with a hail shower in the early evening around going home

The rainfall this month has been average at 53.9mm, though it has been spread out with drier periods in-between heavier falls of rain.