December 2013

This month has been unsettled with mixed weather of rain, drizzle, fog and an occasional bright sunny spell in amongst the dank, dark days of December. Our rainfall was below average, most of the measurable rain coming as light showers or persistent drizzle spread throughout the month, totalling up at 42.8mm (our average being around 50mm). This brought our year's total to 497.9mm which is a whopping 314.8mm less than 2012’s annual total.
The wind has been blowing persistently from the South-West and has made it feel mild. We have had plenty of ground frosts, but very few air frosts. Though the wind has been bringing the unsettled weather from the Atlantic across the UK, Cambridge has avoided the worst of it, managing only one true gale on the 5th and some nights of strong wind around Christmas.

2013 has been an interesting year: Emerging from a long, hard winter we had a spring that melted quickly into summer, which brought balmy temperatures and we saw the lawns go brown in places. Autumn, like the spring, was short due to the extended summer and now we find ourselves in the throes of what we hope will be a milder winter than last.

I wish you all the very best for the New Year. Don’t let the dark days get you down!