January 2014

January has been consistently wet, mild and stormy due to a succession of low pressure systems and occluded fronts being pushed up from the Atlantic by the jet stream fixed over southern Europe.

Although it has been a much wetter than average month, Cambridge has gotten off lightly with the rainfall in comparison to the rest of Southern and Eastern Britain. Our total rainfall for the month was 83.8mm. This has been the wettest January since 1995 when they recorded 94.3mm. We have previously had only 5 wetter Januaries on record.
We had 3 thunder and lightning storms that rocked the garden; On the 3rd we had both thunder, lightning and hail for a short period of time. On the 7th there was a downpour of heavy rain and rolls of thunder were heard. On the 25th a very dramatic storm passed through Cambridgeshire where thunder, lightning and hail was recorded. Luckily the gardens tree collection and glasshouses were left relatively unharmed by the succession of storms.

The average maximum was 9.7 and minimum only 3.0, showing us what a mild month we have been experiencing. Our coldest ground frost was that of -8.1, yet the average ground temperature was -1.0 and we only had 5 very mild air frosts.