March 2014

March has been a warm and dry month and spring finally arrived in the Garden.

In contrast to the previous two months, March has been below average for rainfall (16.6mm, our average round 35mm). There was a two week dry period from the 5th to the 18th and the ground began to bake and crack. The temperature really started to rise with the westerly wind giving us a high of 20.2°C on the 30th.
Though the temperature was increasing we were still getting a scattering of light ground frosts and even some air frosts due to the wind occasionally changing to a northerly. There were four instances of hail showers, some so heavy that the hail lay on the ground until the following day.

The spring has come slightly early this year and the Garden is looking fantastic, and even the gardeners have started to don their shorts and reveal their pale knees to the world!