December 2014

December was a drier than average month with mixed weather and the wind coming predominantly from the west.

Our rainfall was 39.7mm in total and we had 14 days of measurable rain, yet most of this fell in one go on the 27th when 15.3mm was measured. This fell as sleet and rain while most of the more northerly parts of the UK had snow. The average rainfall for December is around 47mm.
The start of the month was dominated by dull overcast days while the last week gave us a taste of proper winter with a succession of hard frosts. Overall we had eight air frosts (the coldest being on the 30th at -3.4°C) and 20 ground frosts (the coldest being -8.8°C).

Even with the multiple frosts it has been a mild month with this year's December average minimum being 2.4°C and average maximum 8.8°C (in comparison the average is 1.7°C and 7.7°C respectively).