January 2015

January has thrown us some cold weather and some surprisingly warm days. With the dawn of the new year, the first few weeks were very standard - mild-ish, damp-ish and altogether very average for January.

However, the latter end of the month saw some severe frosts, snow showers and even some storms passing through. This is because the jet stream fixed itself south of the UK, pulling down the polar air. Though Cambridge got off lightly in regards of snowfall in comparison to the rest of the UK, we still managed four snowy days and two days when the snow lay on the ground, though it was very shallow and melted quickly.
We also had one storm pass through which meant that the Garden had to close for a few hours on the 28th. This brought extremely strong winds, thunder and hail. Though it passed through very quickly, wind gusts regularly exceeded 40mph for another hour after the storm passed and all this wind brought one small tree down on the fairway. This shows the importance of closing the garden to the public in severe weather.

The cold weather brought some severe frosts throughout the month and, overall we had 13 air frosts and 22 ground frosts, the hardest on the 23rd where we had -5.5 in the air and -9.8 on the ground.

Rainfall was very average at 46.7mm.

With the cold weather set to continue, keep warm when looking around the garden, but be sure to keep an eye out for Hellebores, Snowdrops and winter Aconites and don't forget a visit to the Winter Garden which looks spectacular in a hard frost!