April 2015

As you may have noticed, April has been a warm month with little rain. April rain is notoriously unpredictable and we have had only 20.4mm of measurable rain falling over just ten days. Comparing it to previous years rainfall, 2014 saw 14.5mm of rain and 2012, 102.2mm!
This lack of rain saw the ground dry and sometimes cracked for the latter half of the month which made planting out difficult, but hoeing a joy!
Though we had 10 ground frosts, the coldest being -3.2°C, we escaped any air frosts which kept the blooms of the magnolias and many early flowering shrubs looking spectacular for an extended period of time. These warm nights added to the warm days of an average maximum of 15.8°C created a spectacular spring and, by the end of the month, most trees were in full leaf. The highest maximum recorded was on the 16th with 23.4°C.

As we head into May we hope to get some rain to make up for the dry spring and to finally see the end to these ground frosts.