May 2015

May was a mild month with a pretty average amount of everything. We had warm days with moderate rainfall and, apart from a couple of brief gales, it was quite a boring month weather wise!
However we did have two significant occurrences of gale force winds (where the wind is strong enough to break twigs off trees and impede progress by walking) and the Garden closed to the public on both the 5th and 6th of May when gusts exceeded 40mph.

On the 19th a squall hit the Garden bringing some thunder and some hail, though this was short lived.
Our (hopefully) last ground frost of the spring came on the 21st, reading a measly -0.1°C and our highest maximum was read on the 11th with 21.7°C.

Our total measurable rainfall was 43.4mm which fell over 16 days.

This not-quite-hot-or-cold May had some good effects within the Garden. It meant a lot of plants that are normally over before June had an extended flowering season and looked great for an extra couple of weeks.