July 2015

July, in contrast to June, was a very wet month with mixed weather and fluctuating temperatures.

We had 152.8mm of measurable rain that fell over 14 days, and three instances where the rain measured was in double figures: 11.3mm was recorded on the 3rd, 31.2mm on the 24th and a whopping 87.1mm was recorded on the 16th that mostly fell overnight in an isolated thunder and hail storm. We had one other instance of thunder on the 4th.
The hottest day of the year so far was on 1st July, when we recorded 35.0°C. This is very close to the Garden's own record high for July of 35.6°C! However, the temperatures fluctuated a lot and we record a maximum of only 17.1°C on the 26th. Our highest minimum was on the 4th with 16.9°C and the lowest minimum at 6.0°C was noted on the 31st.