September 2015

September has been a slightly cooler than average month with some days reaching only 15.1°C as a maximum and 2.9°C as a minimum in contrast to an average maximum usually being 19.6°C and minimum 10.0°C. However, our highest maximum recorded was 22.1°C on the 11th and again the 13th.
We had 13 days of measurable rain totalling at 43.9mm, which is only slightly below average. One rainfall was particularly heavy on the 17th in which 20.4mm was recorded. We had one instance when thunder was heard in the distance on the 2nd, though this did not pass our way.

We managed to escape any of the first ground frosts throughout September, but keep an eye on the forecasts as the ground temperatures drops at night throughout October. As the air chills and the days get shorter, be sure to take a stroll around the Garden to take in the beautiful autumn colour this seasonal weather brings us.