December 2015

December has been one of the mildest Decembers on record with an average amount of rain and only four light ground frosts.

On the 18th, we had our highest maximum of 16.0°C which is our very own record high for December since records began in 1910! This is over 8 degrees warmer than our average high (7.7°C). Many parts of the UK were experiencing the same phenomenon and December turned out to be the mildest on record across the board.

We had only four slight ground frosts, the coldest being -3.2°C on the 9th.

There were no air frosts and our minimum air temperature was 2.6°C, also on the 9th.

While the rest of the UK experienced major flooding and unrelenting rain, Cambridge and East Anglia escaped with just 48mm of measurable rain, falling over 18 days.

This brought our year's total of rain to 585.2mm which is again, an average amount of rainfall for the Botanic Garden.