January 2016

January has been a mostly cold month with a warmer spell towards the end, which set a new record high for the Garden in January.

We had a succession of ground frosts, 23 in total, the lowest being -10.5°C on the 19th, as well as five moderate air frosts, the lowest -4.6°C also on the 19th.

In great contrast we also recorded a new record maximum high for January in CUBG with 15.7°C (previously set at 14.9°C) on the 24th.
15.89°C was recorded in north Cambridge at Craister Court Weather station (41355920) at 14.52pm. The average high for January is just 7.4°C!
We had an average amount of rainfall over 19 days, measuring 44.4mm. This fell as snow on two occasions; the 14th when the showers were mixed snow and sleet and also on the 17th when a light dusting of snow covered over half the ground.
There was also an instance of thunder accompanying showers on the 10th.

The last week of warmth was enough to make the snowdrops bloom to add hints of spring to our winter weary eyes.