February 2016

This month has been predominantly dry and milder than average.

Our highest maximum recorded was 14.2°C on the 21st and the lowest was 5.7°C on the 13th. Our average high was 9.2°C, while normally it is only 8.0°C. Lowest minimum was -4.0°C on the 16th and the highest 9.4°C. We had nine air frosts and 21 ground frosts; the coldest ground frost was -9.9°C on the 25th.
Rainfall was below average with 23.9mm of measurable rain over 9 days. The heaviest rainfall was on the 17th with 11.4mm. The average rainfall for February in Cambridge is usually 34.5mm; however the latter half of the month was very dry and we missed out lots of wintry weather that the rest of the UK received. We had one isolated instance of hail on the 5th, a brief sleety shower on the 14th and a gale on the 8th.

Our warmer day time temperatures and the cold night time temperatures have kicked off spring to a spectacular start. Daffodils and crocus have succeeded the snow drops and the cherry are ready to burst with blossom.