March 2016

March has been an average month in which temperatures rose and it turned from winter to spring. Our highest max was 14.9°C on the 25th and lowest minimum, -4.0°C on the 7th.

We had seven air frosts and 20 ground frosts, the lowest -9.9°C on the 8th, which lessened throughout the course of the month.

We had 47.6mm of measurable rain, most of which fell on the 17th when 10.9mm was recorded.
There were several wintry showers at the start of the month that included both sleet and hail, and we had a rather severe gale through the Garden on the 28th which caused some damage to the Glasshouse Range
and the Garden delayed its opening hours.

Since the start of the month, deep soil temperatures at 1m have risen over one degree and are continuing to rise. This rise will kick start the trees into leaf and cherries into bloom. Let's hope there aren't too many late frosts to bruise the delicate magnolia blooms throughout April.