April 2016

April was a milder and wetter than average month with several wintry showers scattered throughout the month.

We had 50mm of measurable rain that fell over 18 days. The heaviest rainfall was on the 14th with a recording of 13.1mm. The average rainfall for April is 38.5mm.

We had a scattering of frosts throughout the month with 4 Air frosts and 15 ground frosts. The coldest night was on the 28th with -1.3°C in the air and -6.0°C on the ground.

The highest maximum recorded was on the 13th with 16.5°C.

There were 4 instances of brief hail and wintry showers in the latter half of the month. These were on the 17th, 24th, 26th and 27th.