June 2016

June was a mild and humid month with severe weather - storms and very heavy rainfall.

We recorded 120.4mm of measurable rain that fell over 22 days throughout June.

Notable days of rainfall were on the 13th, 16th, 23rd and 15th in which 11.3mm, 21.4mm, 21.2mm and 25.1mm was recorded respectively. These 4 heavy rainfalls made up over 65% of the months total (79.0mm) which is already well over the June average of 51.5mm.

Along with the heavy rain we had 6 instances of thunder; 7th, 12th, 14th, 16th, 23rd and the 25th. The thunder on the 12th and 14th were rolls of thunder heard in the distance, and these storms did not pass over the Garden directly.

During the storm on the 25th, we had a severe, heavy shower of significantly sized hail, some stones were larger than 1cm across. The hail lasted approximately 5 minutes and piled up in banks across central Cambridge; it cooled the ground significantly to 2.5°C on concrete.

This, along with the rain, caused flash floods on some roads in the city and throughout the Garden. The hail also wreaked havoc on large foliage, shredding the leaves of the banana plants and punching holes in many other plants throughout the Garden. It also defoliated some tender shrubs in the shock of the sudden cold.

Temperatures remained quite stable throughout the month with warm days and mild evenings. Our highest maximum was 25.7°C on the 7th and the lowest minimum, 7.6°C on the 6th. Our average high was 20.3°C and our average minimum, 11.6°C.

The weather became more stable towards the end of the month and allowing the damanged plants to recover.