July 2016

July has been a predominately dry month with some rain and warm days.
We recorded 29.5mm of measurable rain, which fell over just 12 days. The heaviest downpour was on the 12th when 14.8mm was recorded. On average we usually receive 50.7mm.

The ground was frequently dry and deep cracks in the soil appeared across the Garden, even in lawns.
With the ground already being compacted by hail in June, more dry weather compounded the problem. Even though the soil was bone dry, we were unable to hoe properly due to a thick cap of hard soil which was difficult to penetrate.

Temperatures have been varied, with the month starting mild and overcast then suddenly hot and reducing again to being warm and humid. We had our hottest day of the year so far, with 31.5°C recorded on the 19th and our month's average maximum recordiing was 23.7°C. The coolest night was on the 6th with just 7.5°C recorded in the air.

Southerly influenced winds brought a lot of humidity and cloud throughout the month which made it muggy and close. Thunder was heard on the 20th, but the storm clouds didn't pass through the Garden.

The lack of rain has left the Garden looking and feeling a little thirsty, so let's hope for a few August showers to perk up our flowers again before the touches of summer feel lost to us for another year.