August 2016

August was a mostly dry and warm month with most days feeling humid.
We recorded 30.6mm of measurable rain over 11 days, well below the August average of 54.2mm. The heaviest rainfall was on the 1st with 7.4mm. This lack of rain left much of the ground dry and deeply cracked throughout August.

We had two very hot days where the temperatures exceeded 30; on the 23rd, 30.7°C was recorded and on the 24th, 31.0°C was recorded. Our coolest maximum was just 19.8°C on the 19th and our average maximum, 24.2°C.

Our lowest minimum was 8.8°C, recorded on the 9th and 10th, highest minimum 18.9°C on the 15th and our average minimum came out at 13.3°C.

Comparing our August 2016 averages to historical August averages (maximum average: 22.6°C, minimum average: 12.1°C), readings show us that this year has been at least a degree warmer than expected.

Thunder was heard on two occasions on the 24th and 27th, however we did not receive any significant rainfall or storms surrounding the events.

With two months of successive low rainfall, the Gardenss herbaceous plantings have begun to feel the effect and irrigation has been a necessity to keep the Garden looking its best.

As the night temperatures start to cool and the days begin to shorten, keep a lookout for some late flowering asters and the first of the mushrooms before the winds change and autumn envelops us once again in its familiar embrace.