September 2016

September was very warm in the Garden with the hottest day this year and a moderate amount of rain.

We recorded 39.6mm of measurable rain that fell over 11 days. This was well below our average of 54.2mm. The most significant reading was on the 17th when 17.8mm fell, mostly in one shower.
We were gifted a somewhat Indian Summer this year; the hottest day of the year so far fell on the 14th when 32.4°C was recorded, beating the 31°C of August 24th. Temperatures stayed consistently warm right to the end of the month.

Our coolest night was on the 23rd with a minimum if 5.8°C in the air, though the average low for the month was 12.9°C (nearly three degrees warmer then the Garden's historical average of 10.0°C.).

Though we had a moderate amount of rainfall, it was not enough to compensate for the dry and hot summer we had and the Garden has felt on the cusp of drought for many months, saved by a well-timed downpour as on 17th.

However the plantings may have suffered, the gardeners and visitors have been soaking up the late season heat before the evenings become too cool to be enjoyed. As the evenings draw in, keep an eye out for the first touches of Autumn colour and, on damper days, the first mushrooms rising above the leaf litter.