October 2016

October was a very dry month with slightly above average temperatures.
Just 15.2mm of measurable rain was recorded over 11 days, a whole 40mm short of the October average (56mm). This left the ground predominantly dry and cracked in places.

We had the highest maximum, 19.9°C on the 4th and 5th, and the lowest minimum of 0.7°C on the 11th.

There were five ground frosts, the lowest reaching -3.0°C on the 11th, causing some minor frost damage on very tender plants throughout the Garden.

In the last week, there were several instances of heavy fog which shrouded the Garden.

Though it was very dry, the cooling temperatures somewhat prevented wilting and made for the beginnings of some glorious autumn colour that lasted especially well due to a lack of strong winds. As temperatures are set to drop further, look out for intensifying colour and the touches of winter creeping upon us.