November 2016

November was a relatively calm and quiet month with no significant weather phenomenon occurring.
We accumulated 57.0mm of measurable rain over 18 days. Our heaviest downfall was on the 6th when 10.4mm fell over one day. The average rainfall for November is 54.8mm.

Temperatures became steadily cooler: our highest maximum was on the 15th with 15.4°C and highest minimum on the 16th with 10.9°C. The coolest maximum reached just 5.8°C on the 8th and we had our coolest minimum on the 30th with -4.5°C.

There were seven air frosts, six concrete frosts, the lowest -3.7 on the 30th, and 14 ground frosts, the coolest -9.0°C also on the 30th.

The gentle start to winter has eased us into our jumper collection nicely and has allowed us to put the Garden to bed in good time before the cold really sets in and toes get too chilly to function!

And this is where I leave you all! As the last of the leaves cling to the trees and the evenings draw in ever nearer to the winter equinox, I will be leaving the Garden and my weather reports and passing the baton onto the next person to come fill the well worn weather wellies. It has been a real joy writing these reports and I hope you have enjoyed reading them and my occasional bad jokes that took far too long to come up with.

I wish you all a very Happy Christmas and New Year.
You never know, we might even get some snow!

Sally Hughes