Designing an Arts & Crafts Illuminated Letter

Georita Harriot
Monday 24 February – Wednesday 26 February 2014

In this unusual course we will design and work an illuminated letter in the Arts and Crafts style using the traditional fonts used at the turn of the century. The letters will be decorated using inspiration taken firstly from the work of William Morris, Lewis Foreman Day and the British 19th century Arts and Crafts movement, and secondly from the wonderful early spring collection of foliage and flowers found here in the Botanic Garden. These two starting points will help to focus the design process and all letter designs will be worked up fully in watercolour and gold leaf work. All aspects of the course will be demonstrated by the class tutor and the course will be supplemented by an illustrated talk on illuminated lettering.
10am – 4pm
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01223 331875
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Botanical Art
Classroom, 1 Brookside
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