Drawing Bark & Twigs in Coloured Pencil

Janie Pirie
Wednesday 30 April โ€“ Friday 2 May 2014

Twigs, branches, tree trunks โ€“ in botanical illustration these parts of plants are just as important as the blossom, fruit, berries and leaves. However, they are often overlooked, or, at the very least, thought of as the support act rather than the star of the show. On this course Janie will show you how to draw and colour these crucial elements to make them look every bit as good as any of the more colourful parts. Choosing the right colours, blending, paying attention to the details and using highlights to make your drawing three-dimensional will all be covered with group demonstrations as well as individual tuition.
10am โ€“ 4pm
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Botanical Art
Classroom, 1 Brookside
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