Family Garden Design (LTG6a)

Dawn Isaac
Session 1: Tuesday 29th April 2014
Session 2: Wednesday 4th June 2014 (am)

This two-part course will give you the basic tools and inspiration to plan your own family garden. It will begin with a look at how to assess and survey your garden as well as an introduction to garden design techniques that will help you plan your space. The course includes an in-depth look at the main features in a family garden and covers information on hard and
soft landscaping options, and the cost implications of different materials and design choices. The day will also include a look at plants suitable for a family garden and how to put together a simple planting plan.

Participants are encouraged to bring photographs of their own gardens so their specific design challenges can be addressed as part of the course discussions.

The follow-up half-day session will give participants the opportunity to bring in their outline garden designs for feedback, ideas and additional design tutoring with Dawn.
Session 1: 10am – 4pm. Session 2: 10am – 12.30pm
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Gardens and Plants
Classroom, 1 Brookside
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