Nature's Factories

Find out how science is exploring the valuable variety of chemicals made by plants by visiting Nature's Factories, set up for one day only in the Continents Apart house of the Glasshouse Range.

Drop-in to talk to the plant scientists and
• get hands-on by making natural remedies with plants
• play games to learn how cutting-edge science is
exploring key plant compounds to improve our lives
• pick leaves from the giant ‘fact-tree’ and leaf(!)
your comments on a bare branch

Human evolution is tightly linked to our use of plants for food, building materials, fuel, medicines and more, and we continue to look for innovative ways to use natural resources to provide us with sustainable solutions that support our lifestyles. Scientific research is enabling us to discover and develop new plant products that improve our lifestyles by creating better medicines, healthier foods and greener technologies whilst also demonstrating the importance of protecting plant species diversity and ecosystems.

Nature’s Factories is funded by a public science communication grant from BBSRC and will be part of the Great British Bioscience Festival this November. For more on this event, click on the link to the left.
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Continents Apart house, Glasshouse Range