Indian Spice Mixing

Inder Bull & Felicity Plent
Saturday 9 September 2017

This short Saturday morning course will introduce you to the spices and herbs commonly used in Indian cuisine, and teach you how to blend, use and even grow some of them at home. Inder Bull of Inder’s Kitchen will introduce two dry spice blends which you will learn how to grind in a pestle and mortar and take home to try. She will then demonstrate how to use fresh herbs to make two simple chutneys that can easily be made at home in a blender. During the morning Flis Plent, our Head of Education will also introduce the plants that produce all these wonderful flavours and give you tips on how to grow some of them yourself at home.
10am - 1pm
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01223 331875
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Creative Workshops
Classroom, 1 Brookside
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