Science on Sundays: Potent chemicals on the move - ...

Alexander Jones
... seeing plant hormones in action

Join Alexander Jones, Research Group Leader Sainsbury Laboratory, University of Cambridge for this second talk in the Science on Sunday series.

Dr Jones will explain that hormones in plants act much like they do in me or you – they are small chemicals that move about and reprogram cellular activities, even when present in tiny amounts. Whether it’s coordinating the growth of roots with shoots, closing air pores when soil is dry, or finding just the right time to sprout or flower, hormones influence nearly all aspects of plant physiology and development.

But where in the plant are these chemicals made? Where do they go? And precisely what do they do when they get there? This talk will explain how new technologies are helping to bring the answers to these questions into focus by visualizing these chemicals as they move about a living plant.

Free 30 minute talk starting 11am and repeated at 2pm.

Our seasonal series of Science on Sundays talks run each month between March - August. They bring the latest discoveries in plant science to our visitors in a 30 minute nutshell.

The series is curated by the Garden's Director, Professor Beverley Glover.
11am & 2pm
Free talk
Normal Garden Admission applies
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Science on Sundays are free, drop-in 30 minute talks suitable for 12+

Talks take place in the Garden Classroom.
No pre-booking required.
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