Science on Sundays: Old specimens, new tricks - ...

Dr Lauren Gardiner
... what a million dead plants can tell us about the world today

Join Dr Lauren Gardiner, Department of Plant Sciences, University of Cambridge for this sixth and final talk in the series.

Cambridge University has a collection of over a million dried pressed plant specimens, collected over 300 years, from around the world, carefully preserved and stored in a climate controlled vault underground. Including the original specimens collected in the wild by great scientists such as Charles Darwin, these specimens can be used in all sorts of ways never dreamed of all those years ago – from unlocking the DNA relationships between plants across the globe, to measuring the impact of climate change, to discovering new medicinal compounds, and determining the extinction risk of threatened species.

Find out more in this free 30 minute talk starting 11am and repeated at 2pm.

Our seasonal series of Science on Sundays talks run each month between March - August. They bring the latest discoveries in plant science to our visitors in a 30 minute nutshell.

The series is curated by the Garden's Director, Professor Beverley Glover.
11am & 2pm
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Science on Sundays are free, drop-in 30 minute talks suitable for 12+

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