Introduction to Tropical Ecology

Dr Edmund Tanner & Alex Summers
Due to unforseen circumstances this course on 2 March 2018 is postponed. New date to be confirmed.

The tropics are by far the world’s most diverse regions, both for plants and animals. In this one-day course, led by Dr Edmund Tanner, we will consider where this diversity came from and why it is there.

There are fundamental questions that are still incompletely answered. For example, why in the most diverse places - rainforests, that have been around for millions of years - hasn’t natural selection resulted in just a few species superbly adapted to their environment? And what stops species becoming superabundant or going to local extinction?

We will start with a discussion of what we do and do not know and then tour the Glasshouse Range with Supervisor, Alex Summers, looking at living examples of this plant diversity. The day will finish with a discussion on the future of tropical diversity including conservation and the role of botanic gardens.
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