Botany/Flowers for Beginners

Ros Bennett
Tuesday 17 July - Wednesday 18 July 2018

For those who are new to the study of flowers, the glorious yet seemingly infinite variety of colours and designs can seem overwhelming. This two-day course led by Ros Bennett, will help you understand the structure of flowers and the fascinating yet standard ways in which they differ in order to achieve their common purpose - the production of seeds and the perpetuation of the species.

It will also give you an insight into how floral design helps to group our plants into an internationally recognised classification system which in turn provides us with the means to identify and name them. The course is suitable for beginners as well as those who know many plants but would like to understand more about their botanical structure.

Day one will explore the basic floral structure and the various intricate ways in which this is modified by the many different groups of plants. Working with plants from the Garden, we will investigate the wide range of floral designs available - considering not only the detail of individual flowers but also the many, yet precise ways in which they are arranged on the stem to create an extraordinary variety of striking displays. We will also consider floral structure from the point of view of pollination mechanisms, and assess how the structure of the fruits aids the dispersal of the seeds.

On day two we will be in a position to appreciate how the classification system works, grouping plants into assemblages of closely related species. Gaining this grasp of the classification system is an important and exciting step in developing your confidence in plant recognition and identification. We can’t make you an expert in two days, but will give you the tools with which to develop and expand your knowledge over the months and years to come.

Time will be spent in the classroom for introductory talks and some practical work but the aim is to spend as much time as possible out in the Garden amongst the plants. Wet weather will not stop play so please come prepared to be outside. Ros will give you plenty of help, encouragement and guidance throughout the two days. She is a botanist and ecologist, has written books on flowers and teaches courses on plant identification to both amateurs and professionals here at the Garden and across the UK for the Field Studies Council.

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