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The multitude of golden black-eyed Susan is setting the Autumn Garden aglow.
The multitude of golden black-eyed Susan is setting the Autumn Garden aglow.
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Designing Family Gardens

Dawn Isaac
Tuesday 24 April 2018

Family gardens offer one of the biggest challenges in garden design - how to give interest and excitement for children while still creating a space that is stylish and beautiful for adults. Too often family gardens can become either a holding pen for a trampoline or a 'grown up space' with very little to entice children outside. Join Garden Designer and author Dawn Isaac for this one-day course to learn some of the tricks of the trade and take home ideas to try in your own garden.

The course will include an in-depth look at common features in a family garden and offer advice on hard and soft landscaping options and the cost implications of different materials and design choices. Dawn will help you to assess your garden and introduce some basic garden design techniques to help you to begin to plan the space. Participants are encouraged to bring photographs and basic measurements of their own gardens so that specific design challenges can be addressed as part of informal group discussions during the day.
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