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Monday 17 October 2016 Chao Ban!
Post 1: Me Linh Research StationPost 1: Me Linh Research Station
After a year of planning we have finally touched down in Hanoi. We started with a meet and greet with our partner Du and his colleagues at the IEBR (Institute of Ecology and Biological Resources). We travelled out to the Me Linh Research Station, 50km from Hanoi. This is sited in hilly country to provide altitude to allow a range of endangered species in the northern region of Vietnam to be cultivated ex-situ. This will include species from genera such as Magnolia and Rhododendron. Some of our seed collections may even end up here!

Our last task before we head out to Sa Pa tomorrow is to check all our kit, everything from testing the GPSs to making sure we have ample pencils to take down notes for each collection.

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Alex Summers, Glasshouse Supervisor, Cambridge University Botanic Garden, @CamPlantsman
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