Learn to garden at the Garden

Coming up this spring are some brilliant beginner courses with our horticultural experts.
Coming up in March, just in time for the start of the gardening year, is a unique chance to join our Head of Horticulture, Sally Petitt, on our Learn to Garden weekend masterclass. Sally will guide you through the first steps in tackling your own garden, giving you the confidence to extend your knowledge and the horticultural techniques essential for ensuring that this summer, and for summers to come, your garden will be a place you want to spend time in and enjoy.

In April, there's a special chance to join garden designer, Dawn Isaac, for a special day focused on family gardens. Dawn will lead on imagination - how to make our garden spaces creative and exciting places for play, rest and relaxation for grown-ups and children alike - but will underpin this with hardwearing practicalities including design principles and hard-landscaping specification. And in June you can join the team behind our beautiful Jubilee and Olympic meadows to learn how to mix and make the perfect meadow for your 2014 plot.

As we move into early summer, there are some bite-size chances to deepen your plant knowledge using the collections at the Garden. Naming things of any sort is a fundamental of our lives since toddlerhood and the pleasure of identifying and knowing the world around us never leaves, although can get swamped and lie latent! Carve out some time to slow down and look closely at the beauty, design and detail of some of our common plant families: grasses are under the evening spotlight in May, the huge daisy family, which contributes so much dainty vigour to our hedgerows, meadows and gardens are the focus of a June study day, and the economically vital mint family - think lavenders, hyssops, mints and so much more - will make for an aromatic evening in July.

To book onto any of these courses, follow the course links left for more information and to download a booking form.
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