The Glasshouse Range will be closed on Wednesday 23 October

The Glasshouse Range will be closed to the public on Wednesday 23 October 2013 (PLEASE NOTE THE NEW NEW DATE DUE TO TOTAL DIARY MALFUNCTION) so that we can undertake a full clean-up spray as part of our integrated pest management programme.
While cultural and biological controls are used to control pests where possible, a number of carefully chosen insecticides are sprayed at the end of the season to reduce populations of difficult to manage pest species. These include red spider mite (Tetranychus urticae) and glasshouse thrips (Echinothrips americanus).
The spray will be carried out in all of the Glasshouse Range to avoid the migration of pest populations from treated to untreated areas. It will also allow us to apply specific cockroach controls to continue with our ongoing programme to reduce their population throughout the Range.
The Range can only be sprayed in autumn, as this is when we stop introducing biological controls for the year to coincide with lower ambient temperatures and shorter days. Any later than this and most of the pests have entered a state of dormancy known as diapause. This will allow us to start the spring season as clean as possible.
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