Award to clean up Captain Fryatt

The Garden has received an award from the Brother UK bursary scheme, set up by Plant Heritage to support National Collection holders in their conservation work.
The Alpine and Woodland team are thrilled to be in receipt of a £400 bursary award from Brother UK, who, for the last six years, have made funds available to holders of National Collections through the scheme's administrators, Plant Heritage. The National Collections initiative seeks to conserve and promote garden-worthy species and cultivars.

At the Botanic Garden, we hold nine National Collections including species tulips, hardy species geranium and shrubby honeysuckles. This vital bursary will be used to micropropagate clean stock of Tulipa 'Captain Fryatt' in our National Collection of Tulipa, which has become infected by virus and caused some rather sensational, yet undesirable colour breaks.

For a full list of Brother UK bursary winners, please visit the Plant Heritage website via the link to the left.

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