Prunus pseudocerasus 'Cantabrigiensis'

This lovely Cambridge cherry, which originated at the Garden, is in full bloom, releasing mouth-watering wafts of Bakewell Tart onto the spring air, all almond and jam. More...
Until it first flowered here in 1917 this beautiful small flowering cherry, from northern China, was thought to be the common form of Prunus pseudocerasus. However its pink fragrant blossom differed from the white blossom seen on the common form, and so the epithet 'Cantabrigiensis' was accepted to reflect its origin here at the Garden.

There is a large specimen off the South Walk, now smothered in blossom and releasing a mouth-watering Bakewell Tart scent on the air, all almond and jam. There are other examples just to the west of the Limestone Rock Garden.
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