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Wonderful wintersweet scents are heavy on the air
Wonderful wintersweet scents are heavy on the air

Join in the Great Plant Pattern Hunt

Plants are full of beautiful patterns - the way a tree branches, the way petals are arranged, the way leaves grow. Underlying the patterns, so pleasing to our eye, are complex processes that produce different patterns for different reasons - defense, attraction, protection, efficient use of resources such as sunlight and much more.

The Great Plant Pattern hunt is a new activity trail that will be available in the young explorer backpacks (available to borrow free of charge from the ticket offices) from 10 March right through to 23 July, when we'll have something new for the summer holidays!

On the Great Plant Pattern Hunt, your young explorers can discover fantastic fractals in ferns, go dizzy over succulent spirals, stare down the 'eyes' in the birch bark and complete the petal symmetry that bring pollinators to flowers. Pick a pattern - discover the science!
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