Giants of the Garden: go googly eyed as you make a wand on our new tree trail

In this Botanic Garden live six magical giant trees that hold the secret of wand making and each of these trees has something special to tell you...
All good wands start off with a suitable stick, or ‘wand wood’ as it is also known. Choose a stick that you think might have magical properties from the basket beneath the golden willow in the heart of the Woodland.

Once you have chosen your ‘wand wood’ you are ready to set off on the rest of the trail. Each tree will challenge you to find a natural object to add to your wand. Use the trail map to find the other giant trees (they'll be watching you!) and discover from them how to make your magic wand along the way.

The Giants of the Garden trail is available from the ticket offices and packed into the young explorer backpacks from this October half term until March 2015. There is no need to book - just drop-in. Admission for accompanied children (0-16 inclusive) is free and normal Garden admission charge applies for adults.
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